This is the pedal rod grommet for the hydromax unit.

Using the rod as a lever strike the rod with a hammer to remove from the unit.

Insert the pedal rod grommet into the retainer.

Gently push the grommet to the bottom of the rod retainer with an appropriately sized tool.

Before installing rod on new booster make sure
the old pedal rod grommet is removed from the pedal rod retainer.

Several strikes with hammer or up to 100lbs of leverage may be required to remove push rod from unit.

Push the rod through the boot then into the pedal rod retainer. Make sure that the pedal rod is securely in the pedal rod grommet so where the rod cannot be easily removed.

Here is the hydromax with the new pedal rod.

Place grease around the outside of the grommet to provide lubrication.

Put grease on the end of the pedal rod that you are going to instal.

There are different styles and lengths of pedal rods that can be used in Hydromax brake boosters. The rod is held in by a rubber grommet. Below are instructions for removing and installing.

Gently clamp the input plug flats in the jaw of a vise with pedal rod pointing to the floor. Insert a 1/2” or 5/8” rod or other appropriate tool through the pedal rod.